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Used to install Windows >= 7 with OPSI.

Gernerl Information about WinPE at

Since Windows 8, WinPE 4.0 is available. However, Windows 8 can also be installed using WinPE 3.x.

WinPE 3.x

Since Windows 7.


WinPE 4.0

Modify WinPE for OPSI

Install Windows ADK, see "Windows Deployment with the Windows ADK" at

Perform the following commands:


rem Set Environment variables

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Deployment Tools

rem Create Initial winpe directory

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Preinstallation Environment
copype amd64 c:\winpe

rem Mount and modify WinPE boot image

cd c:\winpe
dism /Get-WIMInfo /WimFile:C:\winpe\media\sources\boot.wim

dism /cleanup-wim

dism /Mount-Wim /WimFile:C:\winpe\media\sources\boot.wim /index:1 /MountDir:C:\winpe\mount

type C:\winpe\mount\Windows\System32\startnet.cmd
echo c:\opsi\startnet.cmd > C:\winpe\mount\Windows\System32\startnet.cmd

dism /unmount-Wim /MountDir:C:\winpe\mount /Commit

rem Copy media subdirectory as winpe Directory to OPSI server

cp media/. /var/lib/opsi/depot/win*\winpe/.

Some other hints concerning OPSI WinPE Images, see