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dass IT public projects


dassbuild helper application for building RPMs for various distributions using the openSUSE Build Service. Adapts package informations and can integrate information from local subversions
dasscm manage our Linux system configuration files in subversion repositories. If there is no other configuration management system established, this is the tool to use (easy setup, small footprint)
dassModus Bacula: graphical configuration frontend. Can handle full infrastructures. Wiki
dassmonarch provides an Perl API to program configuration changes of the GroundWork Monitor System. dassmonarh has been tested successfully with GroundWork Monitor versions 5.2.7 and 5.3. Additional, a SOAP interface is also available from dass IT
SmartClient Linux Desktop Management, proven at large installations with more than 4000 systems


The software projects defined here are formed to packages (RPM and/or DEB) by the openSUSE Build Service ( The advantages of the openSUSE Build Service is, that it can build packages for various distributions.

Currently, our packages are build for (in alphabetical order):

All repositories and available under

If you are missing a distribution, please let us know.


some additional tools and infos for open pc server integration (opsi)


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