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method names start with get or set are compability methods for opsi 3 calls. Opsi 4 method names start with the object type, eg:

method host_getIdents
method product_getIdents
method product_getHashes

Product Properties

Packages have defined default values for there properties.

Client Product Properties

Product properties can be set individually on every client using the Opsi-Gui.

Depot Product Properties

A Depot Server can have its own set of product properties. When a new Opsi is added to a depot server, these depot values are also used for the client, if the client does not overwrite these properties.

The depot defaults can be defined when installing a new package:

opsi-package-manager -i -p ask PAKET.opsi

Additionally, these properties can be quering and modified using the Opsi-JSON-RPC API calls.


# query the properties of the product "winxppro" on the server DEPOT-SERVER-ID
opsi-admin -d method getProductProperties_hash winxppro DEPOT-SERVER-ID

# change the property "productkey" of the product winxppro on the server DEPOT-SERVER-ID
opsi-admin -d method setProductProperty winxppro "productkey" "ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO-QRTUV-WXYZ1" DEPOT-SERVER-ID

Change Product Properties for all Clients on a Depot Server

opsi-admin -d method productPropertyState_create productId propertyId objectId *values
Depot-Server or Client-Name

Global Defaults

Global defaults can be changed using the following API calls:

opsi-admin -d method productProperty_getObjects [] '{"productId":"winxppro"}' > /tmp/winxppro_config.json

vi /tmp/winxppro_config.json
# change possible values and defaults here (eg.: orgname="dass IT GmbH"

opsi-admin -d method productProperty_updateObjects < /tmp/winxppro_config.json

# check the result
opsi-admin -d method getProductProperties_hash winxppro

Bitlocker and Reinstallation

if you plan to reinstall a system that is using Bitlocker, disk must be wiped before!

Otherwise Windows Installer fails, because it claims that access to the harddisk is restricted.

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