Shavlik is a Patch Management tool for Windows, see

Initiate patching from comamnd line

We like to update a Client until all pachtes are applied. Unfortunaly, tihs is not intended using Shavlik. This is, what we have tried:


cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Shavlik Protect Agent\"

# get infos
STAgentManagement.exe -diag

# view log
STAgentManagement.exe -viewlog -log ST.PatchLog

# see schedule
STAgentManagement.exe -schedule

# start path and wait for result (it says, patching is started, but is is completed immediatly)
STAgentManagement.exe -start -engine ST.PatchScan -op ST.PatchScan.Scan  -watch

# working
STAgentManagement.exe -start -engine "2209c768-023a-49de-a848-cb175f8ec5f9" -op a773a3e7-2d34-4714-bea6-e0e7d8ebeb0d -param "tasks/a773a3e7-2d34-4714-bea6-e0e7d8ebeb0d_Start task.xml"

STAgentManagement.exe -start -engine ST.PatchScan -op ST.PatchScan.Scan -param "tasks/a773a3e7-2d34-4714-bea6-e0e7d8ebeb0d_Start task.xml" -watch

Parameter / Policy

Parameter are provided in the policy. Policy can be found at "C:\ProgramData\LANDesk\Shavlik Protect\Agent\"

Inside UITaskMap.xml

-param "tasks/a773a3e7-2d34-4714-bea6-e0e7d8ebeb0d_Start task.xml" refers to the file "tasks/a773a3e7-2d34-4714-bea6-e0e7d8ebeb0d_Start task.xml" inside

Still missing: how to detect, if all updates are installed and/or reboots are needed.

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