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windows remarks

opsi (open pc server integration)

opsi is a solution for windows system management.

opsi is mainly developed by uib.

additional OPSI ressources

General remarks about Windows silient/unattended configuration

/!\ more or less just some notes I've collected during work.

OPSI Products

These are the packages, that can be installed by OPSI.

Standard packages can be found at:

Additional packages from

  • copy the sources to your OPSI workbench
  • if required, add the missing components
  • create an OPSI package by
    • opsi-makeproductfile PACKAGENAME
  • install package by
    • opsi-package-manager --install --properties ask PACKAGE.opsi


Using "WSUS Offline Update", you can update any computer running Microsoft Windows and Office safely, quickly and without an Internet connection, see

This tools will download all (most) available Windows and Microsoft Office Updates and collect them in the

  • download and extract wsusoffline
  • start wsusoffline/sh/
    • select required products and start the download
      • the updates will be stored in the subdirectory: client/
  • copy the wsusoffline subdirectory client/ into the OPSI package at opsi_workbench/wsusoffline/CLIENT_DATA/client/


Known limitations

  • wsusoffline 7.3
    • winxp, dotnet-Framework 3.5 Language Pack is known not to work. I suggest installating dotnet-Framework 3.5 as a separate package


Winodws tools when running on a Citrix XenServer:


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